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Default UserAssignEx Problem

Has anyone else run into this problem?

With CorelDRAW 12 and X3 installed, Uninstall Draw 12. Afterwards UserAssignEx no longer works in X3. The only fix I have found is to reinstall CorelDRAW X3 SP 2, then all is fine again.

I have also ran into issues with some other problematic features not quite as black and white as UserAssignEx after uninstalling Draw 12, such as Page Naming stops working and some bizarre issues with layers.

These problems only appear if Draw 12 is uninstalled or even updated with X3installed as well and reinstalling X3 or X3 SP2 corrects the problems.

I rarely use VBA - maybe once, and am doing automation in VB6, Delphi and C++ and the problems happen in all.
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