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Default Problem Installing CurveWorks


I purchased CurveWorks for version 12 back in 2005 and now I want to install it on my computer and transfer its tools to my workspace. I ran the setup.exe file and was told the installation was successful. However, no CurveWorks menu appears on the menu bar.

I don't recall seeing any option during the installation to add CurveWorks to my workspace either. I do see a CurveWorks workspace and I can select it.

I thought I would import the CWW into my workspace, but the process requires me to identify an xslt file. None exist on my computer.

I have VBA installed, at least I can access it through the Tools menu in Draw 12.

How do I proceed?

And when I get the thing up and running, how do I transfer the license so I don't have to pay another $49?

Super program, by the way!
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