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The easiest way would probably be to switch to CurveWorks workspace in CorelDRAW, then export the main menu and CurveWorks toolbar to an XSLT file, then switch back to your default workspace and import the file back. This should add the toolbar and menu customizations to your current workspace.

Or if you have your main menu customized manually you might consider adding CurveWorks commands to it yourself. For this, you can refer to to download the icons for the commands and just add the commands to your menus/toolbars by dragging them from the Tools>Options>Workspace>Customization>Commands dialog.

When you launch CurveWorks you will be presented with the demo dialog which allows you to register your copy of the software. Just click the "Register" button then enter you name and the registration key you have received when you purchased your original copy. If you don't have this information, then send me an email and I will help you look it up.
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