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Thanks! Noticed that I wasn't clear enough when defining the task as each complex shape would have its own rectangle. But that's ok, found a way to overcome this in a way and this reply helps with another idea I have been having.

And with that another question - I'm trying to implement a selection buffer of sorts - say, select your shapes, click the button and it marks them. Then later you just click another button and all your special shapes get selected. When you decide to create a new selection group or click a, say "Remove selection group" button it would remove all the shapes from the selection ring.

The approach I had in mind was going through the given shapes and adding a tag of sorts, say "Sel1" followed by the shape name so that the tag can be removed later. And then selecting the shapes based on their tags.

But then doing something like CurrentShape.Name = "Tag1 " & CurrentShape.Name only produces "Tag1" as the name of the shape.

Any ideas about this?

And on another note couldn't get the nice looking code identer to work - on CorelDraw X4 and Windows Vista no matter what. Any other suggestions? (Surprisingly google helps very little with this).

Edit: Gonna add a pic here to illustrate the selection idea, this should explain it better:

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