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Ok, having arrived at a certain point of completeness, decided to let the creation meet the world. So gonna attach the gms (well, zip, because of the board limitations) here, source visible and everything - I'm open to ideas on how to make things better or what could be added or improved.

So far I have tried to make a kinda-robust tool which helps with certain tasks which tend to pop up often - like splitting the page into sections, adding text, etc. It should also have all the proper Undo tags, etc. making it fast and after a little getting used to - easy to use.

And here's a quick rundown of the crazy mess of buttons that it is:

If you have CorelDraw X4 give it a try if you please and sure don't hold back if there's any suggestions. Thanks!

Edit: To give an idea, here are some things which take seconds to make using this:
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