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Default Table scale and placement. Corel accuracy in question?

I hope to find sombody with the right answer to my issues. I am pasting my comunications from the corel forum.

Corel drawx4, win xp,

(My Question): I am creating a graphic of a table 19 rows and 25 columms that is 19" high and 25" wide, so that I can align a laser etcher to the graphics created in corel to .0001 accuracy. While creating this graphic, I needed to stretch the table to 25.00694 W by 19.00691 T and center the object to 12.50347 X by -9.50348 Y using guides. The table is using a hairline border. I have the top left to the center visually precise on the inch at maximum zoom, the bottom right is off slightly but probably an acceptable margin of error. What is the reason for needing to strech the table and were the rulers meant to be trusted to be that accurate. At this level of accuracy is there a way to offset the rulers vertical origin beyond .000? The lasers printable height is 19.48819 and there is a vertical discrepancy of where zero is displayed by the ruler on a blank graphic by +0.00018. Where should I trust usable zero to be, the zero in corel or the zero of the lasers printable area, maybe in between? Horizontal origin is right on the mark. We are using the accuris power sharp 18, and despite some of its design flaws we are succssfully serializing PT3 thru PT6 arial and barcodes as small as .444 wide in between traces on PCB's as small as 1 x .5. There is sometimes a .008 board tolerance so .0005 can make the difference of lasering a copper trace or not. Thank you in advance.

(Forum Response):There is a way to change the accuracy displayed. In X3 it's...
Tools, Options, Workspace, Edit... enter the number of decimals "Drawing precision:"
This is probably covered in the built-in CD Help section in X4 in case it's not the same as the X3 procedure.

(Forum Response): There should be a way in DRAW to change the number of decimal places that your measurements are displayed in. Then, you can use the property bars to input the specific measurements rather than dragging or stretching the objects.

(My Counter Response):I have my measurments set to display in this format (0.00000) showing in the property bar upper left area of the screen. I already have the drawing precision set to 5 decimal places. That doesn't change the vertical origin of the ruler. Maybe if I give more info on my example.

In my(properties, options,

page, size - my "page size from the laser" is landscape, inches, width 25.98425, height 19.48819, 0 bleed.

guidelines, rulers - origin horizontal 0.0 and vertical 19.488 (but can't enter as 19.48819 which may be the issue of the vertical origin problem I'm having as described in my first post)

I'm just trying to figure out where vertical 0 should be if there is no back road setting/ hack/ update to drawX4 that would remedy this issue. Again my goal is not lasering at hudreds of thousands of an inch small but the accurate placement of said lasering is of the absolute importance.

The other issue of stretching the table wasn't a data entry or draging the object problem. It was simply if the table was said to be exactly 25 wide by 19 tall, why does it need to be made 0.0069X larger to actually have all the vertical and horizontal lines fall dead onto the inch hash mark of the ruler? If the width of the hairlines where being calculated into the step and repeat, One would think I would have had to shrink the table instead of enlarging it. What my result displays, makes no sence unless there is a flaw somewhere.

If you try intering all the provided data (my first post included) into your corel and inspect the example at maximum zoom I would think you should see the same results. If there is any info I left out I'll be happy to get it for you. Thanks again in advance.
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