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Default RE: Accuracy

Myself being a new user with corel, I'm not sure how to access the document code but I will try your recomendation with some more assistance. My goal would be to have the document (if that means graphic) set in a manner that my object would appear in the bottom right hand quadrant of the graphic and the rulers display 0x and 0y at the top left of my object. I have guide lines placed exactly at 0x and 0y and the printable border is turned on. The border is precisely alligned on the left side but the top of the border currently extends above 0 by 0.00018. In my corel settings - properties, options:

page, size - my "page size from the laser" is landscape, inches, width 25.98425, height 19.48819, 0 bleed.

guidelines, rulers - origin horizontal 0.0 and vertical 19.488 (but can't enter as 19.48819 which may be the issue of the vertical origin problem I'm having.

Let me know how to access the document code and I'll give it a go.
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