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Originally Posted by mwhouser View Post
I am writing a program in C# using CorelDRAW X4 VBA.

I've noticed that after some time, the memory usage on the CorelDRW.exe process has grown by quite a bit.

I am being very careful to release all objects I allocate.

I've tried simplifying things by just creating a loop that calls IDrawApplication.CreateDocument() and IDrawDocument.Close() over and over.

Memory inches higher and higher over time.

Is there something I am missing with closing Corel documents? Or does X4 have some bugs that it does not clean up everything it should?

Hi Matt,

I am having the same issue. Have you found a solution? You can reduce the memory usage shown in the task bar by minimizing and maximizing CorelDraw. But that does not release the memory that X4 is holding. Eventually CD will crash due to lack of memory. I have a macro the will run 200 cycles and another 200 more in X3 with crashing. X4 chokes at 60 or so cycles. I even hard coded the minimizing and maximizing in the macro. Hoping that it will solve the memory issue.

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