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am trying to write a code in which following is required.

for example i enter text or create or import a graphic in a new document. i wnat to remove fill and simply look at the wireframe of the design. Typically, there are fixed directions of path. For example, character O will be two circles, now when i break apart the curves there will be 2 diffrent circles .The outside circle may have a clockwise direction and inside circle will have opposite direction - counter clockwise. If desired, can I show small arrows on the path every so often to define the directions? Also, how do i get that starting point of the curve both the curves from where they began the drwing in my code and than enlarge it in size and than fill it with red so it is more visible to the user or in other words is it possible to show the starting point of the vector or every single shape with a slightly larger color dot? The user will know the starting position of every vector and the direction in which the tool of the machine will move to cut the material. Can I change the direction of individual path or by selecting one or many or all paths? Can I change the starting position to some other point on the curve or vector? How do I change?

I am pretty new to this VBA programming and your help will be really apreciated..
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