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Question macro for break curve and join curve

After using weld,trim,'convert to curves' or any such option, you see one node being shown with a larger square than others. Thats the starting point from where a machine will cut the figure. Corel decides this starting pt by default. But we can change it thru foll steps:-
1. select the shape tool.
2. click on any other node u want as the new starting point.
3. select the 'break curve' option
4. select the 'auto-close curve' option

this is now the new starting pt for cutting the object. Now my problem starts here........
I want to automate this using a macro. I tried recording a macro for this. but corel does not generate any code for step1&2. so how do i know where the user has clicked ? and second, if u record the entire process & see the generated code, it will show a set of coordinate points and not just x & y. Where will i get these from in my macro.

this is difficult to explain thru a thread, but if anyone has tried it before, pls help.

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