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at the first try, ur code worked !! thanks a lot. I have been trying this for so long. The macro that Corel generated was like this. -
Dim crv As Curve
Set crv = ActiveDocument.CreateCurve()
With crv.CreateSubPath(5.168406, 8.88498)
.AppendLineSegment 5.168406, 6.549606
.AppendLineSegment 2.019587, 6.549606
.AppendLineSegment 2.019587, 8.88498
.AppendLineSegment 5.168406, 8.88498
End With
ActiveSelection.Curve.CopyAssign crv
OrigSelection(1).Curve.Closed = True

and i was trying to manipulate this. I will go thru your code in detail and will test for a couple of options. will get back in case of any furthur problem. but thanks a lot. u were of great help. :-)
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