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Default Another little X6 toolbar toy - Multigon (Multitype-Polygon Generator)

If you are terrible at drawing flowers, like me, this one's for you!

It's basically the star tool, just with instant node type changing, adjust the settings, then click the button to generate a shape in the middle of the page:

The code to install it is in the zip, but also here:

Sub addMultigonDocker()
    Dim dockerAssembly As String
    dockerAssembly = "D:\YOUR PATH GOES HERE\Multigon.dll"
    Call FrameWork.AddDocker("0F10EF19-3BD9-458F-9FA5-60320658A792", "Multigon.Docker", dockerAssembly)
    Call FrameWork.CommandBars("Dockers").Controls.AddToggleButton("0F10EF19-3BD9-458F-9FA5-60320658A792", 0, False)
End Sub
Make sure to get the path to the DLL right on the first time. If not, change a character or two in the GUID (0F10EF19-3BD9-458F-9FA5-60320658A792) and try again.

An infinite supply of flowers, bottle caps, stamps, badges and other things await. Enjoy!

PS. I know it's a tad cumbersome at first, but after a bit you see the settings in your head. If there's enough interest I might make a live preview version and/or a click to place and set size version.

PSPS. Also (and this might as well be a signature, heh) massive thanks to Shelby for helping with a potentially buggy bit on the other side. Thought I was going crazy there for a bit.
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