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Yes it would. You may however notice that there is no such Palette by default since that is the custom user Palette directory.

Of course I could just save the default one there (by hand) and then load it (using VBA), but I'd prefer to make something that just works without any extra steps.

Edit: Digging a little deeper - if you would execute this code:
Sub PalTest()

For Each pal In Palettes
    Debug.Print pal.PaletteID
Next pal

End Sub
with the default CMYK and RGB palettes open it would return 5 and 5 as the PaletteID. However in the help for fixed Palettes there is no 5 (and no 4 or 6 either - it just skips from 3 to 7). But if we try to load Palette with ID number 5
Set pal = Palettes.OpenFixed(5)
it doesn't work, gives an error.
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