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Originally Posted by shelbym View Post
How about this? Short enough for you? :-)
Yes! But it begs some knew this was coming, eh?

I understand most of what you did, except for the order of the numbers and what they represent in the parentheses. The last number I know is the angle and the 2 is what you are dividing by, correct? So what is the 1? Is it the point size...the x-y coordinate...the number of guides to create or something else?

(1, ActivePage.SizeHeight / 2, 0)

Two more questions...

Can I use something similar so that it would create guides only on the active page, what would I change?

With your code and with mine the focus remains on the last guideline created after the macro runs. How can I make it end so that the page/Layer 1 is the focus?

Thanks, Shelby!
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