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Default default the crop property

i wish to know whether i can set the property of crop tool by the VB script. What i want to do is to click one button, then the crop tool will be ready at 240 x 300 and box centrally in the window. i find the similar things at "how to create a COM add-in?"

my story is :
i have lots of head photos to crop regularly. it can save me lots of steps
if i can record the steps in one key.

1. select crop tool
2. set crop frame at 240 x 360
3. centralise the crop frame in the centre of the photo

sometimes, the person head in the photo is not central in the photo, so i
need to move the crop frame to adjust the position manually.

secondly, the person head may be too large or small, i have to change the
size of the crop frame (move smaller or bigger) as long as the cropped photo
in 240 x 320 ratio, not necessary in 240 x 320 size cos the final print
software can fit it even the size or ratio is not fit. the proper ratio can
keep a normal look from the print out.

Thanks a lot in advance for your assistance.
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