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Default Re: Condition #1002 -Listman- 0737 (Wierd memory leaks issue

It's difficult to try and locate the source of the problem. It even could be that CorelDRAW always leaks some memory even when you open/close documents manually. It is just quite difficult to reproduce, however through VBA you just fire up a macro that does opening/closing hundreds of times and you can easily see the problem.

I just tried to open and close a simple document 500 times and there were no apparent memory leaks, so there must be something specific to your program. Maybe some objects that you used inside CorelDRAW object model which caused memory leaks. I cannot test your program much because I don't have the template files and the database which you have. However, maybe you can play a little bit with it. Try commening out some parts of your program. Start with just opening the files and immediately closing them. Then add some object processing, and keep adding the code back until you locate the source of the problem.

I'd be interested to know about your findings, so keep me posted.
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