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Hi krneticv
Post a sample of how would you like the calibration bar to look like and I'l try. Alex's code is very easy to understand and adjust to our needs...

Alex... I hope you won't mind me slauthering your code...
I wanted to add bleed function and custom bars (like suggested by k_graham here )
The custom bars... don't know how to name them... I need to chose the vertical or horizontal bar by the direction the paper enters the offset press (the bar needs to be parallel with the cilinders, not on the side)
Also I needed to make the macro work without any selection by assuming I want the marks to page - useful and important (to me). Of course, when nothing is selected (marks to page) the bleed is ignored. otherwise the bleed will cut from the selected object (so before I apply the marks I will make sure the object is lager then the final desired dimension.
I changed the unit to mm and default settings in macro to what I need.
This is what came out...
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