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Default Origin

Hi Alex
sorry for the delay in replying. I managed to lose my GMS file upgrading to Win8 so no longer have the original but have just tried to recreate it and seem to have made some progress although still not understanding how the origin is calculated.

On a page 100mm square I thought Coreldraw X6 would by default use the bottom left corner of a page as the origin so that the commands -

ActiveDocument.DrawingOriginX = 0
ActiveDocument.DrawingOriginY = 0
would set the origin to the bottom left corner of the page, and

ActiveDocument.Unit = cdrMillimeter 'Set Corel to work in Millimeters
ActiveDocument.DrawingOriginX = 50
ActiveDocument.DrawingOriginY = 50
would set the origin to the centre, BUT on testing it xy=0 sets the drawing origin to the centre and xy=50 sets the origin to the top right.

Can now make it work but dont understand why it works that way.

Any help appreciated,
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