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I'm new to the site. Hope this is the right place for this thread because I did a search and didn't see anything pertaining to my question.
I've been using CorelDraw for about 9 years beginning with version 8. For the past several years I've used the thumbnailer macro and love it. Now I have upgraded to CorelDraw 14 and am stumped. I downloaded the revised version of thumbnailer for Corel 14 but I am not able to get it to show up in the list when I try to place a shortcut on my tool bar from options setup. I have placed it in the GMS folder and restarted Corel. It still doesn't show up so I can select it to drag onto the toolbar like in other versions of Corel. Am I doing something wrong? I know it's there because I can access it from tools, macros, run macro, and select it from the dropdown box. Anyone have a clue as to what I need to do?
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