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Hi Alex,

I had a few problems regarding GIS type data.... I've just posted this message on the Corel Draw news board, and thought I'd share with you that you aren't in the boat on your own.

I had other troubles related to graphics too. But you mentioned that your images didn't line up properly or something?

I'd suggest using the FGIS program. It'll import DXF files and you can show/hide the layers as you wish... I think it works well... but it doesn't reset your layer positions as with what you are talking about... not sure how much it could help with your GIS program though. It may be able to.

Anyway, better be off...

If anyone can help me with my problem, that would be great!


Hi everyone,

I've got a couple of problems and I was wondering if anyone could help me out or know where I can find help.

I'm currently creating a CAD system (computer aided dispatch, {not design}) using VB and corel draw. I've got
thousands 10k+ of objects in my files which I'm using to create/import/edit maps.

At the moment I export them from corel draw to a DXF (autocad v11) format and them import them to fgis (http:// which can export them to the shape file format. which I can then use in my program by
a little addin. ( I'm not trying to plug the programs I'm using, it's just so you know where I'm
coming from.

My question is this.
Does anyone know or have access to a script that can 'break apart' thousands of objects at a time?

Currently when I open up the autocad files there are lines all over the joint that shouldn't be. The only way to
solve this problem is to break the objects apart, and Corel Draw 10 only allows for objects one at a time to be
broken apart... this is VERY annoying and VERY impractical for a file that has thousands of curves/objects etc..

My other question is this.

When I export text to the autocad format I do it as curves, (not as text). How come the text always comes out as an
outline? Is there anyway to do it so there is no outline but only the internal part of the text...

Maybe I should make myself clearer with the final question. Take the letter A for example. When you create it in Draw,
you can make it to have only 5 points. 3 for the sides and 2 for the across bit in the middle. When I create a 'text'
object, and convert it to curves, I get about 30+ or so points. Is there anyway was of having a simple 'text' to

I'm struggling with these couple of problems. I currently have all the maps created with the street names etc... but
when exporting road names, I get about 200+ points for every street name. Do the maths... 12000 X 200, and that's A
LOT of points for my poor cad program to plot. Not to mention the convertor program crashes from that size of file

If anyone can help with scripts or other help, I would be very happy.

I am using corel draw 10. XP pro. 512 mg cel 1.7mg.

Okay, it was longer than I expected.. oops.

Thanks anyway.

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