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Default Help with script - cropping bitmap


I use CorelDRAW 12, and i'm completly new to it, and to VBA scripts.

I've got a shape named "rect" which stores a rectangle and a shape named "box" which stores a bitmap.

I want to crop away every part of "box" that is out of "rect". In other words - i want to remove part of bitmap "box" that sticks out of rectangle "rect".

I have no idea how to do this, i guess it could be done with
but i have no idea how to set "clipping path".
(quote manual: "The Crop method crops the bitmap to its clipping path.")

My questions are:
How to use Shape.crop() ?
What is and how to set clipping path from VBA script level?
Is there any other way to solve my problem?

I tried to use recording, i cropped the bitmap while doing so, but only code that was generated was comment " 'Recording of this command is not supported"

I'd be very grateful if you could paste some code examples.

Thanks in advance.
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