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mick classen
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Default view and print current scale settings

Hello: I've read the correspondence with Drumart regarding display current
> scale. I think this is exactly what I need. What I want to do is:
> 1. have the current scale being used displayed in the drawing window
> 2. the ability to change the scale without leaving the drawing
> 3. the ability to print the scale using a macro
> It seems as if you have addressed those needs, but because I am new to this
> VBA thing I'm lost. Is there a .gms file that addresses these wants? You
> talk about adding lines to end of all of my macros? I'm not sure how this
> should be done and it doesn't make sense to me that they should be added to
> all of the macros.
> Anyway, I'm sure that you are very busy, I'd appreciate if you could atleast
>steer me in the right direction.
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