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While creating blend using the CreateBlend command, it always fails the 21st time. It is wierd. When I try to use the command in a loop of 21 objects it fails. When I try to use on 21 different objects one after another seperately it fails again.

This is the code that I used.
Set shp1 = ActiveLayer.CreateEllipse(12,12,12+size, 12-size)
Set shp2 = ActiveLayer.Paste
With shp1.CreateBlend(shp2)
.Blend.Mode = cdrBlendSpacing
.Blend.Spacing = spacing
.Blend.LinkAcceleration = True
.Blend.FullPath = True
.Blend.Path = OrigSelection(i)
.Blend.MapNodes = True
actualsteps = .Blend.Steps
End With

Could somebody please help me with what the problem is?
Thanks in advance

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