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Question Corel PHOTO PAINT X5 smudge tool ?

Hi - recently switched from Corel PHOTO PAINT 8 to X5, and I'm having a problem with my smudge tool. First of all, understand that I'm a total novice, so speak to me as you would a child, lol. In Corel PP8, while working in layers, I used to be able to, for example, manipulate an object on my page using the smudge tool in such a way that I could change the shape of that object. It would smudge but also actually pull the outside edges of the object. When I try to duplicate this in X5, it doesn't seem to work. It smudges, but it only smudges the colours inside the object, it won't allow me to pull the edges of the object along with the smudge. Anyone understand what I'm talking about and have a solution for me, or options I might try?
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