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Default Bounding Guides, with & without Outlines

Hi Alex,

I got another suggestion

I use very often the ’Bounding Guides, with and without Outlines’.

I will give you an example to explain it.

- I make a square, I apply the Bounding Guides script.
- I got 4 guidelines around my square (left, right, top and bottom)
- after that, I want to make a circle in the middle of my square
with the same height, but different width.

If I apply the ’bounding Guides script’ on my circle,
I will obtain 4 news guidelines,
but 2 of those guidelines (top and bottom)
are over the square’s guideline.

It may be cool if the ’Bounding Guides, with & without Outlines’
could ’detect’ if an guideline (left, right, top or bottom) are already there,
at the same place that it have to put gudelines.
if ’yes’, to not to put it there?

Or maybe, much more simpler,
a ckeck box that we choose what side of the object
we want a guideline.

what do you think?

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