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Default Looking for contributors

We've all complained about deficiencies of CorelDRAW/Designer/Photo-Paint object model documentation before. Now there is a chance to fix the situation. With the object model documentation now published as a wiki, everyone can contribute some time/effort to describe objects/methods/properties better, submit code samples and generally improve the documentation.

Don't hesitate to invest 5 minutes of your time and fix a help page for just one class, method, or property of the appliactions' object model. Every little effort counts.

You can go to OberonPlace Development Portal site at and go to the object model section of:


and pick a class you or method you would like to improve, navigate to the appropriate page and click the "Edit" tab at the top of the page.

It's that simple.

Each page has an associated "Talk" page where discussions about that particular page can be held. Ask questions, propose changes if you are unsure how/what to do from the start. Just click the "Discussion" tab of a page to start a conversation.

Of course, you can use this forum to ask general how-to questions, get guidance, etc.

I have assembled a brief instruction page on how to edit object model documentation at Read through it briefly before editing the pages.

Keep in mind that the Dev Portal is a community effort, so don't expect it to magically evolve by itself. Everybody's participation is crucial to the success of the project.

Feel free to throw in your ideas on how to improve the site, make it more usable and valuable to you, the user.
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