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Default Another goofy X6 docker

Hi all

While waiting for some knowledgeable Corel ninjas to answer the other questions I have engineered yet another little X6 docker. This one is really raw, based on an idea I once had - it's basically a notepad right inside of CD.

The top textbox is a calculator of sorts, routed through the CQL evaluate function, so you can do stuff like this:

And get this:

Sometimes handy. Moving on, below that you have a very simple task list thing. You can put in some tasks (well, I suppose normally those would be Design related):

Then press Add new task(s) and get this:

And as you complete them you can add some checkmarks:

It's really simple, doesn't remember anything (yet) and is basically just a toy. But sometimes useful. In theory I can add saving of the data and even per-document saving and loading of it, depends on interest.

Here's the code to add it:

Sub addNotepadDocker()
    Dim dockerAssembly As String
    dockerAssembly = "D:\Downloads\DOCKER\Notepad\bin\Debug\Notepad.dll"
    Call FrameWork.AddDocker("7BCA6297-CD28-4320-A168-FFA635B9FA0A", "Notepad.Docker", dockerAssembly)
    Call FrameWork.CommandBars("Dockers").Controls.AddToggleButton("7BCA6297-CD28-4320-A168-FFA635B9FA0A", 0, False)
End Sub
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