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Although my 60 years and made a variety of graphic design, ever since accession to complete the project, repel me initial preparations, in case of book covers: the conversion of the back, front and rear workpieces with a supply of cut after printing, etc. A year ago, "I discovered this forum and thanks to him I got to know a little VBA and its amazing possibilities that can make for me a lot of stupid tasks. In spare time, I'm using the materials and suggestions (special thanks to Senior Member Runflacruiser) provided by the forum users. I made a few macros that I enjoy using them (without having to take this step by step and without calculator in hands). Several of them I posted on forum.
My experience in VBA is still small and ability to use English does not allow me to fully understand and implementation of this request. Sorry and best regards.
Andrzej Jesionowski
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