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You can save a hidden artistic text shape in the document. It can be a string with a certain number of lines.
A special character for the starting line like "**RR**"
For each info line a different character like "_&@2_" proceeded with the info needed.

Use the DocumentOpen event. Place code to look for an artistic shape that has it's first characters "**RR**". So every time a document is opened, pending you has delay load vba unchecked and the events enabled this shape will be found and used.

If it finds this string in a document it will take the .Text.Story.Characters.All string and parse it for the needed info. Then simply place in a MsgBox.

You can also create a tiny macro that makes and places the hidden shape on a non visible layer. A simple form with text field and a command button.

Or, Maybe you can use document properties for the info storage instead.
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