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Default Problem with printing through a macro

i hope i can find help in your forum.
i am working with corel draw x6 and going to print some shapes by pressing a button on a vba form.
i created the vba code by recording it by the macro recorder.
if i press the button on blank page, the print information window comes up and i can change the printer, the page layout ...
if i copy some files from another layer to the print layer, i created, corel draw x6 will hang up.

i created a button that activates a layer (viewable,brintable,editable) wich was deactivated. selects the shapes on the layer. deactivates the layer again and activates another layerand paste's the shapes on it.
now the print macro is going to run and taataaaa, corel draw x6 is going to hang up.

i asked the corel draw support but they told me, that is not a problem from the software, its a problem of the macro.

i recorded the macro with a tool from the software (corel draw x6) and i run the macro with a tool from the software.

The macro i call is : ActiveDocument.PrintSettings.ShowDialog

thank you for your time


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