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Default Re: speed difference between corelscript and vba

Originally Posted by bbolte
thought i would be the first to post here. is there a difference? or does context matter in how each would be used? i've heard - not sure on realability - that corelscript is faster.
Who told that? With the abundance of functionality included with VBA object model, you can do an action in one step while it would require tens or hundreds of transactions if CorelScript object model is used. And with optimizations built into VBA OM, the transactions are even faster. There could be a particular issues while CorelScript might give some advantage (like filling a lot of shapes at once) but overall if you are using VBA, your programs will be much faster. I'm not talking about that CS covers only about 50% of functionality of Draw while VBA coverage approaches 100% (well, it isn't 100, but somewhere at maybe 95)...

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