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Default Hard problem with tiff export

There is bitmap in cdr file. 150x150 dpi CMYK 90x242sm size. When I try to export this element to TIF format Corel Draw make no file! The same thing with JPG and PSD export. I was trying to resave file but it can’t help. When I try copy bitmap to clipboard I get error message like this – “Error copying file. May be TEMP disk or output disk is full” Try context menu “Save Bitmap as” but have no file.
Export to PDF make clear PDF file without my bitmap. My ver. X4 without service pack.
Also I tried macro wx_ExportJPG macro, but there was C.A.R.M. error screen and shutdown.
But I can export this bitmap with 100x100 dpi settings.
Can’t attach file cause 500 mb size!
All other tiff export work fine! (working about 6 months already)
Any ideas?
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