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Hi Alex,

Have been using the Calendar Wizard for a couple of years and it has saved me for a lot of work! We have a webshop solution where you can order your custom calendar, thus printing a lot of different calendars.

Customers upload their images and adds their "events" to be added for birthdays etc.

First wish is to be able to define a template which includes our company logo, copyright etc.

Then being able to browse to the catalog where the images are stored and automatically have them added to the calendar at the correct page (january.jpg -> january page ...) and scale the image to fit inside a rectangle defined in the template. The images should not be stretched.

Importing and adding events from a text file would be very nice too, and a text for each image as well.

We also give the customer a choice to add a frame to each image, and it would be a great feature to apply this to all the images during import.

I will be happy to supply more details if my thougts comes into consideration.

Best regards

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