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In order to maintain the OLE links on an external file, and to control the dpi, etc, the OLE application must be set correctly so that if you are using print and you are importing a Photoshop file, DRAW launches Photoshop correctly but Photoshop then defaults to 72 dpi and RGB, if you need 300 dpi and CMYK, you need to change this in Photohop, then the import will be ask expected and you will print at the correct dpi.

Also you will be able to edit the picture in Photoshop by double-clicking.

To externally link so that the printer downloads the file, you must be using a postscript printer. Your desktop printer will only take the 72dpi image.

The best way to check if your linking is working is to make a .pdf and print that then to your desktop printer. If you image is printed correctly, then your files are properly linked.
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