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Default User Spot Colors

I work for a commercial printer and we frequently use spot color. We had a customer create something in CorelDRAW that used spot color definitions which our Digital Plate maker couldn't recognize. I had to recolor the whole piece of art using standard spot colors by Pantone in order to color separate the job.

If you are going to output the artwork to .pdf or to be used on anyone else's computer, it is going to be a problem.

Easier to create a working palette of frequently used spot colors.

Even though I don't always make a palette, I drag myself out two boxes for each spot color I am using, then make a 9 step blend between 0% and 100%. This is easy and then I have my own palette, I just drag and drog the color wherever I need it from the color wells in the corner of the screen. When I use color styles or create palette from document, unless I do it from the get go, before I have it all set in my head, I often get the gradients out of sequence so finding the correct percentage is easier using blends for me.
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