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Smile Custom Docker to generate parts of 3D box for laser/CNC cut

My first C# WPF custom docker

Very useful for us internally since, as part of our Acrylic manufacturing services in Singapore we routinely have to laser cut parts for boxes, and until now we not only had to manually create each parts [front, back, sides, top, bottom] but also compensate for material thickness, either top or bottom inside or outside depending on customer aesthetic preferences, kerf in critical cases and even more important place the parts and remove the double lines for optimized cut.

This docker solve all this by allowing to configure width, height, depth, material thickness, kerf, bottom and top existence and position, and just generate the optimized cut.

The docker:

Generated parts, without optimization:

Generated parts, optimized:

Generated parts, optimized, after manually moving some so you can see actual drawing ;-) :

So I attach the dll zipped due to forum rules, to be installed in your Add-on folder. Original file also avail for download here : PlixoBoxDocker.dll

and below code to add the docker to CorelDraw, you will have to modify path acorrding to your installation [will work on an installer later]:

Sub AddPlixoBoxDocker()
Dim dockerAssembly As String
dockerAssembly = "C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6\Programs64\Addons\PlixoBoxDocker\PlixoBoxDocker.dll"

Call FrameWork.AddDocker("930ED04A-1EE5-4F37-BF06-8F9A5820262E", "3D Box", dockerAssembly)
Call FrameWork.CommandBars("Dockers").Controls.AddToggleButton("930ED04A-1EE5-4F37-BF06-8F9A5820262E", 0, False)
End Sub

Feel free to provide feedback either on this forum or by email at

Hoping to provide more tools free here, will go commercial only when it's a full suite worth it and able to allocate enough time for real support ;-)

So feel free just to thanks us is useful via a like on our page, on facebook or even better by adding a link to any of our services
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