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Originally Posted by shelbym
Alex a question or two. The dialog your example opens says, “Save type as” and the buttons are Save and Cancel. Is there a way for it to be Open type as and the buttons Open and Cancel?
Oh, sorry, my mistake. The 3rd parameter should be set to 0 instead of 1 to show the Open dialog instead of Save.

Plust the very last parameter (two optional parameters not shown in the code above) can be used to specify different caption for Open/Save button.

Sorry about the confusion.

In fact, the methods of CorelScriptTools object is an adaptation of some of internal CorelScript commands which were in the language itself. GetFileBox is one of them. There are more. You can get more information on their parameters and usage on the following page:

Please note that CorelScript's GetFolder command is not implemented in VBA's CorelScriptTools object even though the method is present.
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