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The way cropping works in 12 is that you use the node editor, and marquis select two nodes on the same side. Then, holding the Ctrl key, (this constrains the movement to horizontal or vertical) you drag to where the photo should be cropped. Repeat procedure any other side which needs cropping. When you have it as you like it, go "Bitmaps/Crop Bitmap", or you can use the Property Bar icons for the same action.

X3's cropping is easier: it works just as the familiar crop tool in bitmap editing programs and also crops vectors. This is a really useful upgrade.

Rather than cropping, you could also PowerClip the bitmaps inside the size rectangle you want. It doesn't get rid of the excess pixels. It is a good choice for comps until the client makes their final decision.

Note on that: clients are notorious for changing their minds, even after you are sure it is a go. Once you have cropped, you can kiss the remnant you tossed away for good.
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