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Hi, I would like to change number of members in collection or array when i click on the spin button in my macro rotation with clone curves for CorelDRAW 12. I attached this macro to this Reply. I have 4 buttons now in this macro. When this macro starts two of them are disabled and enabled are after first click on the GO button. Before using this macro i recomend to change position of the rotationcenter of the selected curve on the location according you want to curve be rotated. Yes, curve must be selected before using this macro and one requierement or demand is needed when you use GO MIRRORED button - you need rotationcenter of the curve in the same x-axe position like right part of the curve is. After click button origin curve is still selected and trough this curve you can change every cloned curves when you change position of the nodes. But my spin button does not working and i would like to use this spin button for control number of the cloned curves. I would like to ask you if the COLLECTION or ARRAY is better for this example.
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