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Ok, I looked at your file and I know what the problem is. Your document contains a lot of radial fountain fills. And each fill has a locked number of steps, 256 to be exact. Illustrator doesn't support fountain fills with fixed number of gradient steps. That's why the only reliable way of transferring such graphic from CorelDRAW to Illustrator is to split each fill into a set of concentric circular objects. So, each filled object becomes 256 little circles and that's why your AI file was huge at the end.

If you don't have fixed number of fountain steps, then the fill is transfered to Illustrator as is and the graphic becomes pretty small and exports quickly.

I have created a small macro for CorelDRAW X4 that goes through each object with fountain fills and fixed number of gradient steps and removes the lock from the steps.

Here it is:

Sub ReleaseFountainSteps()
    Dim s As Shape
    For Each s In ActivePage.Shapes.FindShapes(Query:="@fill.type='fountain' and @fill.fountain.steps > 0")
        s.Fill.Fountain.Steps = 0
    Next s
End Sub
After I ran this macro on your document, it exported to Illustrator quickly and the AI file size is just about 1MB. See the attached ZIP archive.

And I don't quite understand your problem of converting Pantone colors to CMYK. I just did the following:

1. I went to Edit > Find and Replace > Replace objects
2. Selected "Replace a color model or palette"
3. On next page I selected "Find any color model or color palette" and specified to "Replace with the color model: CMYK"
4. Clicked Finish.

This did the job for all the Fills. Then I repeated the process for outlines and all your objects now have CMYK-only colors right in the document.
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