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Originally Posted by runflacruiser View Post
Hi Greg.

It's usually never right on for what you need. You should be able to customize this for your needs.
If it's something you'll be doing alot then it would be worth it. If your only going to use is once and a while then draw's built in method should be fine.

Currently this spaced shapes apart horizontally within the distance you enter. So if your box is 35 inches then enter 35. All selected shapes will be spaced evenly to fit in the 35 inches.

You can substitute the commented lines and uncomment as needed for slight tweaks. By default it puts shapes end to end. If you use the other one you can get a half space or full space spacing on ends, before spacing in desired area. This is actually a mod of the spacing script I made on in a much earlier post.

You could even set the macro to automatically group the shapes, or prompt for a click for the container shape at the end. Skies the limit..!

Hope this helps.
I left value at 35 but it spaced my shapes at 28.385. Did I miss something?

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