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I knew this was the case with cdr11.

try this
for x = 1 to 100
   set doc=ActiveDocument
   doc.export "filename.jpg", filetype, other parameters....
   set doc=nothing
next x
or maybe you'll need to use this:
dim expF As ExportFilter

for x = 1 to 100
   Set expF = ActiveDocument.ExportBitmap(s, cdrJPEG, cdrCurrentPage, .......)
   expF.Compression = jCompression: expF.Optimized = jOptimized
   expF.SubFormat = jSubFormat: expF.Compression = jCompression: expF.Smoothing = jSmoothing
   set expF=Nothing
or maybe most hardcore solution is to use winAPI timerproc 100 times - this will ensure that each time a timerproc is done the objects are released
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