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that link should resolve all your troubles which derive from the fact that there is no OLE registration for GMSManager in Windows, so the GMSManager object can be retrieved only by accessing CorelDraw Application object's property GMSManager as stated in that thread.

80040154 = Class not registered, standard OLE error
{4A110034-2109-4B5D-BC63-17AE8914E384} = virtual CLSID of GMSManager object which is not registered in CLSID database in Windows registry and should not of course

As far as I can clearly see there is no error in CorelDRAW though I didn't test it. Give an updated example of your code using technique by Alex, so we can help further

Or tell me - do you want to access GMSManager object without first initializing CorelDRAW Application object? if so then there is probably some quirk using CoCreateInstance WinAPI but I doubt that it can be done without manual fake registereing of GMSManager in CLSID....anyway why bother?
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