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Default Add nodes at intersects

Select two shapes. Tested with X7.

Sub NodesToIntesects()
Dim s As Shape
Dim nr As New NodeRange
Dim cps As CrossPoints
Dim cp As CrossPoint
ActiveDocument.BeginCommandGroup "NodesToIntersects"
Set s = ActiveSelectionRange.Combine
Set cps = s.Curve.SubPaths(1).GetIntersections(s.Curve.SubPaths(2), cdrAbsoluteSegmentOffset)
For Each cp In cps
nr.Add s.Curve.SubPaths(1).AddNodeAt(cp.Offset, cdrAbsoluteSegmentOffset)
nr.Add s.Curve.SubPaths(2).AddNodeAt(cp.Offset2, cdrAbsoluteSegmentOffset)
Next cp
ActiveTool = cdrToolPick

End Sub
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