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I am a graphic artist and work for a privately owned printing business. Much of our four color work we farm out as we don't have a big enough press so we do mostly one, two and three color work.

So I work in Spot Color and sometimes I also have to send out the files with Spot Color as we do not do embossing, thermography (raised printing) and foil stamping. Customers like to send in their own files, they often make mistakes with using Spot Color and may get several colors wrong, often they have the same color but have used one Pantone Color for coated and the same number for uncoated. But there is no way of combining these in one plate, I have to solve the problem. Frequently the files come in to us in .pdf format, and I can open them in CorelDRAW. The color replacer is very useful and time saving for me. I can specify the wrong color and replace it with the correct spot color. But this seems to work for the whole page when everything is grouped. Now that I know this I group before I use this and I am using 12.0.

DRAW has most of its tools aimed at print. The default palette is CYMK, if you change that to RGB, your palettes for Contours and Shadows and anything else I have overlooked is still CYMK.

Each type of way a color is expressed numerically means something of which choosing the right color type is a matter of knowledge. You can currently use the eyedropper tool which changes to the bucket to recolor items without the script, simply hold the shift key down and hover over what you want to recolor and click. It works for many other properties too.

The other mistake which people make consistently is using inappropriate program to lay out a document for print. They choose Word, elsewise, they choose Publisher, both are inherently RGB programs, and if the user makes a .pdf of their document, we must change it to CYMK to send it out. The other most used script is the Color Limiter. It easily changes RGB colors to CYMK, it can also convert Spot Color to CYMK. PDF is CYMK when all of its components: the type, the images, background, all of it is done with CYMK. It cannot be a mixture for print. The reason is because no printer wants to be responsible for colors not reproduceable by print and many RGB colors are out of the gamut for print.

Both of these scripts are very useful and if there is a color that cannot be changed, it notifies me.

Many thanks to the developer.
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