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Default Click and Drag Scaling similar to CAD applications

In some CAD programs they use a click and drag method. The first click defines the anchor point from which the object is scaled, the second click defines a second anchor point, then dragging defines the scaling, and where you want the second anchor point to end.

Situation 1. You have imported two files which have some common elements; however, they are of different scales. You wouldn't dare ungroup the two imported artwork but you can't use the existing scaling tools to precisely resize and align things.

Situtation 2. Scaling very large photos. You imported a dwg file of a bldg elevation. Then you import a big photo which includes the same bldg. You need to scale the photo such that one side of bldg matches the same bldg side in the imported cad drwg. You'd zoom in on the photo, postition the cursor on the corner of bldg and drag it to the same corner found in cad drawing. Next, lock the cad drawing. Then click on the bldg corner of the photo and click again on the the opposite corner and drag until the cursor is over the corresponding corner on the cad drawing, then release the mouse.


Designer would also beneifit from the feature as well.

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