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Default [DrawX3] RectangleFixer not working!!!

Very useful free macro : RectangleFixer fixes corner radius on non-uniformly scaled rectangles to circular shape. It is not working in DrawX3 but was working in Draw12. I tried to debug it and found that shape.rectangle.SetRadius, setroundness, .radiusLowerLeft etc aren't working in X3 : in watches window nothing changes after lines in bold in following code.
How to overcome? maybe using TransformMatrix which is recorded by VBA-Macro-recorder? But how to calculate this matrix?

' "Rectangle Fixer" Copyright © Nicholas Wilkinson 2001-2003
' CoolTools:
' Support:
'....................... ripped by woxxom
            With sRect.Rectangle
                corner_rounds.a = .RadiusLowerLeft
                corner_rounds.b = .RadiusUpperLeft
                corner_rounds.c = .RadiusUpperRight
                corner_rounds.d = .RadiusLowerRight
                sRect.Rectangle.SetRoundness 0  ' not workin in X3
                sRect.Rectangle.SetRadius 0  ' not workin in X3
                .RadiusLowerLeft = 0  ' not workin in X3
                .RadiusUpperLeft = 0  ' not workin in X3
                .RadiusUpperRight = 0  ' not workin in X3
                .RadiusLowerRight = 0  ' not workin in X3
            End With
'....................... ripped by woxxom

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