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Default 3 point curve

Hi Shelby
Had a look at drawing using the 3 point curve method and fell at the first hurdle because it seemed to require the bezier curve handle positions as part of its function and calculating those is beyond me. Im trying to draw mathematical curves a bit like spirographs from their x,y coordinates and the method that produced the smoothest if not the most accurate curves was to plot the whole curve (of up to 100000 nodes) in chunks of 2004 smooth nodes per shape and then deleting every other node and then the first and last nodes leaving a curve with 1000 nodes. By overlapping the next curve so its original 2004 node curve started at the penultimate node of the previous curve and deleting as before the 2nd curve started at the point the first curve finished and the curve between the two shapes flowed smoothly.
Best wishes
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