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Default Found some free time

Private Sub JoinNodes()
Dim s As Shape, sr As ShapeRange
Dim x1#, y1#, x2#, y2#
    Set sr = ActiveSelectionRange
    If sr.Count <> 2 Then MsgBox "Select 2 shapes!": Exit Sub
    If sr(1).Curve.Closed Or sr(2).Curve.Closed Then MsgBox "Shapes must be unclosed!": Exit Sub
    sr(1).Curve.Nodes(1).GetPosition x1, y1
    sr(2).Curve.Nodes(1).GetPosition x2, y2
    Set s = sr(1).Weld(sr(2))
    s.Curve.FindNodeAtPoint(x1, y1).ConnectWith s.Curve.FindNodeAtPoint(x2, y2)
    s.Curve.Closed = True 'Connect the remaining nodes
End Sub
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