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Default Problem with macro (conversion to CMYK)

Please help. The macro conversion to CMYK worked in Coreldraw 16. It does not work in CorelDraw 18.

Public Sub druk()
ActiveDocument.BeginCommandGroup "wCMYK"
    ConvertShapes ActivePage.Shapes
    MsgBox "Konwersja CMYK zako?czona."
End Sub

Private Sub ConvertShapes(ss As Shapes)
Dim s As Shape
    For Each s In ss
        Select Case s.Type
            Case cdrTextShape, cdrRectangleShape, cdrPolygonShape, _
                cdrLinearDimensionShape, cdrEllipseShape, cdrCurveShape, _
                cdrConnectorShape, cdrBitmapShape
            ConvertShapeColors s
            Case cdrGroupShape
            ConvertShapes s.Shapes
        End Select
        On Error Resume Next
        If Not s.PowerClip Is Nothing Then
            ConvertShapes s.PowerClip.Shapes
        End If
    Next s
End Sub

Private Sub ConvertShapeColors(s As Shape)
    Dim c As FountainColor
'wskazanie koloru wype?nienia
    Select Case s.Fill.Type
        Case cdrUniformFill
            ConvertColor s.Fill.UniformColor
        Case cdrPatternFill
            ConvertColor s.Fill.Pattern.FrontColor
            ConvertColor s.Fill.Pattern.BackColor
        Case cdrFountainFill
            ConvertColor s.Fill.Fountain.StartColor
            ConvertColor s.Fill.Fountain.EndColor
            For Each c In s.Fill.Fountain.Colors
                ConvertColor c.Color
            Next c
    End Select
'wskazanie koloru konturu
    If s.Outline.Type = cdrOutline Then
        ConvertColor s.Outline.Color
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub ConvertColor(c As CorelDRAW.Color)
'zamiana koloru
    With c
        .CMYKCyan = IIf(.CMYKCyan + .CMYKBlack > 100, 100, .CMYKCyan + .CMYKBlack)
        .CMYKMagenta = IIf(.CMYKMagenta + .CMYKBlack > 100, 100, .CMYKMagenta + .CMYKBlack)
        .CMYKYellow = IIf(.CMYKYellow + .CMYKBlack > 100, 100, .CMYKYellow + .CMYKBlack)
        .CMYKBlack = 0
    End With
'zamiana palety bitmap
    For Each s In ActivePage.Shapes.FindShapes(Type:=cdrBitmapShape)
        If s.Bitmap.Mode <> cdrCMYKColorImage And s.Bitmap.Mode <> cdrGrayscaleImage Then
            s.Bitmap.ConvertTo cdrCMYKColorImage
        End If
    Next s
End Sub
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